December 24th, 2009

Bible Reading Plans App and More Now Available

Merry Christmas! Last night we released a great new update which includes (among other things) the first stage of Glo’s customizable Bible Reading Plans. Features include the ability to:

  • Follow Bible plans at your own pace: It’s Bible study your way … you choose the amount of reading or even the theme.
  • Create custom plans from any section of content: Select anything you’re interested in and from the menu choose “Create Bible Reading Plan.” It’s that easy.
  • Set your pace and goals: Choose to spend 15 minutes reading each day, or choose to read your selection in a month. Glo will auto-adjust the pace or goal to meet your needs.
  • Track your progress: See where you are in relation to the goals you’ve set for yourself.

Get started today and find the plan that fits your life! And let us know what you think!

Here’s a sample idea on how to create and use a Bible Reading Plan:

Bible Reading Plan - Christmas selection

Go to topical and find the holiday of Christmas (tip: typing Christmas into the “find” field at the top is quickest).

Right-click drag to create a selection and select Christmas. Choose “Create Bible Reading Plan”.

Bible Reading Plan - Create a custom plan

Perhaps since today is Christmas Eve, you want to read the verses related to Christmas in the next 2 days. Setting your goal to 2 days will auto-adjust how much time you should spend per-day to reach your goal. Name the plan, and get started.
Bible Reading Plan - Reading through the Bible

Once you’ve started, Glo will show you where to begin and end reading. Pressing the “Next” arrow will take you to the next segment of Scripture. Glo will alert you when you’ve completed your goal reading for the day.

Bible Reading Plan - Explore. You can always come back!

As you read, if there is media or an article you want to view, feel free to explore it. The Reading Plan Toolbar in the bottom will always be there to bring you back on track.

That’s just one way to use Glo’s reading plans. You can create plans however you wish – topics, time periods, segments of the Bible – or even through complex filtered results (i.e. the words of Jesus in Jerusalem during the passion week). The possibilities are really exciting!

In addition to the reading plan, we’ve also released:

  • Animated Maps initial release – these maps have voiceover and animated arrows to help bring the stories to life
  • Holiday topics (including Christmas, Advent, Easter and more)
  • General fixes and feature enhancements

As with any update, just double-click the icon on your desktop and Glo will automatically grab any new updates.

From all of us at Immersion Digital, may you find Christ this holiday season. Merry Christmas!

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8 Responses to “Bible Reading Plans App and More Now Available”

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  3. Currently traveling between Miami and Florida, reading this on my Iphone. Will read it in full when I get back, and I will also post a backlink on my website. Thanks.

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  5. Awesome news it is definitely. My friend has been awaiting for this info.

  6. Jeremy says:


    I was wondering if we will be able to create a reading plan by simply selecting particular chapters? (I cannot do this at the moment, as only running Lite version).

    Also, will the Search/Find functionality be added for the Journal? I like the idea of being able to search something in the current Microsoft Word document journal I have (for example, if I am struggling with anxiousness, I’ll type in anxious and recall from my journal why I struggled in the past). This would be great functionality as we would be able to quickly reference Bible verses and the usual Glo link features.

    Finally, could functionlity be added to close a session without having to click the “# sessions” button first then the individual ‘X’ – i.e. if you are in a running session and hit ‘X’ it thinks you want to leave Glo, but I just want to stop a particular session (without having to click this “# sessions” button first).

    Sorry for posting these other questions/suggestions here – I was unsure where to put them.

    kind regards,

    • Peter says:

      thanks for your thoughts!

      Yes, you can create from selecting particular chapters by rt-click dragging them in the bible lens.

      great other suggestions! appreciated! we’ll keep in mind.

  7. Reading application such as this one can touch people’s lives easier and as we gain access to these wonderful news, we can be be uplift as we get along with our daily lives.:)