December 17th, 2012

IMPORTANT UPDATE for PC, Mac, iPad and iPhone

Glo Update Available

There is a new release available that will improve your Glo multi-device experience!

It’s important that you update ALL of your Glo Apps now to ensure your data is synchronized properly. There is a new release available for all devices – iPad, iPhone, Mac and PC! Before you do your reading plans or edit notes, please be sure to update ALL your devices.

Release Notes

This is an important new release that will improve your Glo multi-device experience! There is a new release available for all devices – iPad, iPhone, Mac and PC! Update now!

iPad/iPhone v1.4.2

  • •  Synchronization improvements are here! Better Sync for Reading Plans, User Notes, and Highlights  across all your devices.
  • •  Faster media delivery! 2x Faster Media Lens
  • •  Faster Bible Lens to get to the verse you want more quickly
  • •  Fixed a stubborn sharing bug that would share a blank image to twitter or Facebook.
  • •  Many other bug fixes and improvements
  • •  Update now by going to the app store and tapping “update”

Mac v1.4.2

  • •  New Synchronization Framework to handle much-needed sync improvements! Better Sync for Reading Plans, User Notes, and Highlights across all your devices. Totally rewritten and faster than ever before!
  • •  Many bug fixes and stability improvements.
  • •  Update now by launching the app and updating when prompted.

PC v3.8.0

  • •  New Synchronization Framework to handle much-needed sync improvements! Better Sync for Reading Plans, User Notes, and Highlights across all your devices. Totally rewritten and faster than ever before!
  • •  Search engine improvements – faster searches and more specific results within your active Bible translation
  • •  Extended support for future Bible translations
  • •  Stability bug fixes
  • •  Presentations load faster
  • •  Many Reading plan bug fixes
  • •  Fixes to highlighting in Bible
  • •  Update now by launching the app and updating when prompted.
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47 Responses to “IMPORTANT UPDATE for PC, Mac, iPad and iPhone”

  1. Osvaldo Jimenez says:


  2. Arrgh, every single time I start GLO, it does a 10 minute update. It will not open without doing the update either. I searched through every setting I can find. Any suggestions ?

  3. Len says:

    Here we go again,
    yet another important upgrade not available from Apple App stores in the U.K

    • Peter says:

      Len – this is available in the UK on the iOS App stores. If it is not showing up yet, it should be appearing soon. Please let us know if it never appears.

  4. mihai says:

    After the update for the pc [pro version] the introductions both in OT & in NT for books are not working, the page is blank, just with the title :introduction to…
    In iPhone version the outlinee for many books is missing also…


  5. pb says:

    after updating everytime i try to open glo an error msg comes up

  6. Tim Hoffman says:

    I downloaded the app update for my ipad from iTunes and now my I can’t use my Glo Bible. It says “Updating your data. This may take a few minutes”. It’s been way more than a few minutes. HELP.

  7. John Tyndall says:

    I have been frustrated since I upgraded to Glo Premium as I am unable to access it for any length of time without it timing out. What can be done to make it more stable? I feel as though my investment has been in vain.

    • Peter says:

      Hi John – what exactly do you mean by “timing out”? What platform do you have (Mac, PC, iPad or iPhone)? Have you ever submitted a ticket for your issue? If so, what ticket # (so i can get more detail?)

  8. Meri Steed says:

    I can’t even use my Glo anymore. I try to go to the home screen (where the books of the Bible are) and it closes me out. This hasn’t always been the case, just in the past month.

    • Peter says:

      Sorry to hear this, Meri. What platform do you have (Mac, PC, iPad or iPhone)? Have you gotten the latest update? Have you ever submitted a ticket for your issue? If so, what ticket # (so i can get more detail?)

  9. Steve Stewart says:

    I have tried repeatedly to upgrade for the PC. It always says it completes. However when I continue to the app it tells me there is a new version. I have pressed upgraded numerous times without success. It just isn’t doing it.

  10. Jerry Durham says:

    Why is there no app for Android. I love Glo & have it on my PC.

    thank you!


  11. Daun Gunter says:

    I have Glo on my Apple Ipad but lately whwn I use it, it won’t allow me to change and go to a different part of the program. It dumps me back to the icon.
    I love this program because it is a great Bible study tool. But at the moment it is not working.
    Thank you and God bless.
    Daun Gunter

  12. I too once thought that this was the answer to my search for a Bible study app. No longer. I have submittef numerous trouble tickets and the reply I always get is basically “wait for the update” So now here is the update. Let’s see if I can find the install button.

  13. Mike says:

    Updated to 1.4.2 and it now crashes & closes every time I open the bible, and open my journal. I can no longer use the app….. Help!

  14. S. Kim says:

    In the process of updating, it stopped and closed every time. I can not update and open Glo.

  15. Ken says:

    I’m confused on “updates”. I understand updating Glo through my iPad. The App Store informs me I have an update available and I exercise the installation. But how is the version on my PC (desktop) and laptops updated? I never see the option to download an update to the Premium version. Is this something that happens automatically or am I missing an important link to obtain the improvements?

  16. Al says:

    Deleted and reinstalled the new version because it would not complete the upgrade. Reinstalled using my username and password. Lost all previous notes and highlights. Sorry, I can’t do this anymore. I’ll check back in a year and see if you have the kinks worked out.

    • Peter says:

      Al – that is very frustrating, and we are very sorry. Have you created a ticket? If so, what is your ticket number? If you are a registered Glo user, your notes and highlights are likely just not appearing. Please let us know.

  17. LB says:

    Thanks for the update.

    The update fixed one problem but created a new problem. This update fixed the is with the memory verse reading plan. It showed I was 10% complete when infact I was 100% completed. Its now back to 0%.

    Prior to the update my reading plan for the one year bible worked perfectly Since the update it shows I should be 100% completed, when in fact I should be 25% completed. September 13, 2013 is when I’m scheduled to be 100% completed. I’m unable to determine my completion percentage now since it shows I should be 100% completed.

    I restart the app and my computer and it still reflects the same.

    Merry Christmas

  18. Cynthia says:

    I want to know why you do not have the applications for android devices. There are many people that are not apple users. I am not now or will ever be interested in apple products and as I am an avid android user I would like to see this application come out on android as well, you will add to your user population! I would be happy to be a beta tester! ;-)

  19. Ronald says:

    I have Glo premium installed on three devices: MacBook pro, Ipad 2, and iPhone 4s. All updated to latest software… how do I go about syncing my reading plan across devices? It seems that I am using the same reading plan on each device, however, I am never at the same place in my reading on any device without manually updating the plan on that device. How can I fix this and allow it to update on all devices when reading on any of the devices?

  20. C K says:

    I am very sad that my Glo Bible no longer has my notes and highlights after upgrading my iPad (3rd generation) to 1.4.2.

    I have deleted the app and reinstalled (as suggested on the Glo support forum) when the app was frozen on updating my files. Thank goodness I was forewarned that I might lose everything, but an FAQ on the Glo support site said that Glo should have all of my entries on the server and would work at getting them back to me. This entry is no longer available, so that gives me cause for concern.

    I submitted a support ticket this morning, only to get an email that it will take “4+ business days” to get back to me.

    Please know that I was absolutely thrilled with my Glo Bible. I loved how it integrated everything for me and I was learning more and more about our Lord each day. Right now, I am feeling very bummed, though, as I have invested a fair amount for the Glo Premium, gave glowing recommendations to several of my friends (some have purchased), and now feel led astray.

    I currently have lost trust and will now return to my faithful paper Bible with all of its notes, highlights, and post-its … I pray you are able to resolve this issue quickly and that those of us who have invested a large amount of time compiling our notes and bookmarks will not lose that information forever.

    Many Blessings,
    C K

  21. C K says:

    PS – I AM a registered Glo user.

  22. Charles says:

    I find it frustrating that after I paid nearly $100 for Glo Premium (MAC) it is now a $35 commodity, with bugs.

  23. Sally says:

    OK this is good but when are you going to have something for the kindle fire?

  24. Sally says:

    OK – this is good but when are you going to have one for kindle fire.

  25. jeremy says:

    Bought this ages ago for pc with the hope that itl b one day released for android so i can use it on my phone and tablet. It ssems that glo are refusing to do it. It seems a bit ironic that glo are so keen to spread the word of God, BUT only to those who can afford apple products.

  26. I am unable to Download the free gift from Glo Bible the Message I need help from Technical support.

    • david forrest says:

      Cannot download the update on my ipad. I erased Glo entirely to get a new start. Now I have only KJV and NIV. The update although complete is nowhere to be found. Frustrated!

  27. Will not download on my iPhone. Been hitting update for a week. The blue light appears then it stops and won’t complete. Then it tells me I have a new update and the process stars all over.

  28. Nancy says:

    I have been a registered glo premium user for some time now. I along with other ANDROID users are Still awaiting the Fall release for Androids but it is winter now with no mention of it or even a Coutesy update as to the status of the Android release. Also, why do you choose not to reply to anyone whom mentions Android in their comments? Ignoring or refusing to reply is not good customer service.

  29. Mitchell Baker says:

    Glo just crashed during the upgrade and will not recover. Looks like I will have to dig out the original disks and reinstall – some day.
    Looks like they need a beta group to test upgrades from all the problems listed above
    I am also an Android user frustrated w/ the slowness of Glo’s availability.

  30. Eldon r barkman says:

    Working from my iPad, often after I have selected my reading plan for the day, it will shut down. This morning, it shut down 4 times.
    I am looking for the update and have not located it.
    I love the GLO software
    In NC

  31. Coletta says:

    Don’t think the upgrade downloaded to my iPad. The free December gift-The Message Bible is not here either and I’ve had Glo since July or August 2012. Please help, as I use Glo quite often and would love to use the Message translation also. Thank you!

  32. Sunny White says:

    I had gotten my Glo more than 2 years ago and it has yet to work.

    It has been a real bad thing for me, I got it to help with church but it has never work.

  33. Tammy Nicholson says:

    I have experienced the SAME frustration with GloBible Premium. When I try to access the books of the Bible, the app closes on my IPad …what am I to do?

  34. Carol says:

    I am still having problems with Glo. I paid the extra for the premium package but can’t use anything but the basic bible reading. If I try to journal or go to media or my reading plan, The whole system crashes. Very frustrating. It is a great package when it works but it is very unstable.

  35. Paul Thompson says:

    I have Glo premium loaded onto my iphone and Mac. I also want to download it onto my new Windows 8 PC. My Mac and iphone do not have a login at the home screen, so I can’t remember if I have an account. How do I download Glo Premium onto the PC? (I apologise if this is a dumb question).

  36. Lit Siew Li says:

    After updating to this latest version on my iPad, it kept crashing an d shut down. Then I found the postings here asking that I reinstall the app. After doing that and logging back in, I realize all my painstaking highlights and journal as all gone! Not a single one is left. Is Glo going to get all these restored?

  37. Vicki says:

    Ever since I updated ALL my journal notes are gone and the search feature no longer works. When I search for a specific verse I get THOUSANDS of results, so I cannot use the search anymore.

  38. Sara says:

    Cannot access my Glo Premium in the past month on my ipad or iphone. Message shows \ updating …. This may take a few minutes\ but it just hangs. Been Glo premium mmber from the start n only started encountering problems in past few months. Keep sending error reoirt because \Glo quit unexpectably\ but bugs not fixed until it cannot be accessed at all now.