February 6th, 2013

IT’S HERE – 1.4.3 update to fix issues with notes, crashes and synchronization.

UpdateAvailable1-4-3We have been working around the clock to solve issues experienced with the previous update (1.4.2). Although 1.4.2 brought more reliable sync, faster media delivery and faster Bible lens, it also caused app crashing and problems with synchronization. Update now on all of your devices to take care of these issues!

For those still missing their notes:
We are working hard to restore all missing notes to the new system. The migration will start today and happen gradually over the next few days. This new release is a big step – you need to have the new release for the best results. The migration is a gradual process, so you should start seeing them appear over the next week or so. Update now!

iOS/Mac 1.4.3

  • - Fixed many bugs related with Sync
  • - Fixed stability problems that caused crash crashes

iOS/Mac 1.4.2

  • - Synchronization improvements are here! Better Sync for Reading Plans, User Notes, and Highlights  across all your devices.
  • - Faster media delivery! 2x Faster Media Lens
  • - Faster Bible Lens to get to the verse you want more quickly
  • - Fixed a stubborn sharing bug that would share a blank image to twitter or Facebook.
  • - Many other bug fixes and improvements

PC 3.8.0796

  • - Released some performance improvements for Synchronization.

PC v3.8.0

  • - New Synchronization Framework to handle much-needed sync improvements! Better Sync for Reading Plans, User Notes, and Highlights across all your devices. Totally rewritten and faster than ever before!
  • - Search engine improvements – faster searches and more specific results within your active Bible translation
  • - Extended support for future Bible translations
  • -  Stability bug fixes
  • - Presentations load faster
  • -  Many Reading plan bug fixes
  • -  Fixes to highlighting in Bible
  • -  Update now by launching the app and updating when prompted.

Update now on all of your devices, Mac, PC, iPad and iPhone! Launch the app and update when prompted.

How do I update?

  • - iPad & iPhone: Visit the App Store and tap “update”
  • - PC & Mac: Launch Glo and follow the instructions when prompted to update
  • - Be sure to update all your devices now to ensure everything synchronizes properly!
* Excludes Japan and South Africa users. Your app update will be available soon.

If you continue to have issues, we want to get you fixed. Please submit a support ticket with details: http://bit.ly/glosupport

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38 Responses to “IT’S HERE – 1.4.3 update to fix issues with notes, crashes and synchronization.”

  1. Michael Hunter says:

    I’m still having issues with the app on my iPad. It stop loading a month or so ago. I’ve updated it to the recent release and I’m still having the same problem.

    • Peter says:

      Michael – sorry to hear this! Have you tried removing and re-downloading the app? What country are you in? Have you created a support ticket?

  2. James Darnell says:

    I have updated GloBible on my iPad and have synced my iPad recently so everything is up-to-date. I have Glo Premium. GloBible continues to shut down automatically when I am looking at maps or pictures within GloBible. What is my next step? I use this for work and am frustrated this keeps happening.

    • Peter says:

      James – really sorry to hear this. We have worked very hard at improving stability. Do you have a customer support ticket number that we can look more closely at?

  3. Len says:

    Why send this suposedly update, its currently not available in the uk?

  4. Dan Mc says:

    Is this update going to be available through the Mac App store anytime soon? I just got this program yesterday through the App store and it doesn’t say that I have any updates available.

  5. Dan B. Kelly says:

    I do not find a place to click for the update.

    • Aaron says:

      Same here, I don’t see the update in the App store, and when I open the program it won’t prompt me to update.

    • Peter says:

      Dan –
      – iPad & iPhone: Visit the App Store and tap “update”
      – PC & Mac: Launch Glo and follow the instructions when prompted to update
      – Mac App store – still in approval by Apple. Should be available soon.

      Are you still not able to update?

      • Aaron says:

        Still not able to update.

        Honestly I have been getting annoyed with issues of this app. Kinda upset I spent money on it at this point.

  6. Edward H Sugita says:

    What’s next? How do I update it. Where is the button.tq

    • John Buttner says:

      Yeh, looked all over the web site and found “NO DOWNLOAD LINK” for the update. I guess the webmaster was in a hurry to go home and forgot to place it on the page. We all need to check back here in a few days. Hopefully then somebody would have waked up and realized the mistake.

  7. Edward H. Sugita says:

    This is my oleh iPad. I need Aldo to update it.tq

  8. Edward H. Sugita says:

    No com menit

  9. Patti Boser says:

    Did the update and still freezing and crashing. Deleted and re installed and still same problem. Very unhappy that I have to delete and re install every day now!

  10. Kyle Jackson says:

    No comment.

  11. Sandy barnes says:

    I have re installed Glo bible at least 10 times and just did it now. Still does not work
    Please fix soon
    Sandy Barnes

  12. Edward H Sugita says:

    I already did but you said it is duplicated. There is still an error in repairing.

  13. Daniel F. says:

    Very disappointed with the product. The updates–where do you download them?
    Tired of the crashes. Please Guys, get it right before you advertise!

    • Peter says:

      Sorry for the trouble, Daniel. iPad & iPhone: Visit the App Store and tap “update”
      PC & Mac: Launch Glo and follow the instructions when prompted to update. If you are not prompted, please let us know.

  14. Dan E says:

    I have the Bible Glo Premium version 1.4.2 and tried to update to 1.4.3 be following the instructions for the Mac update. When I opened the software, it did not prompt me to update. Now what do I need to do?

    • Peter says:

      Dan – do you have the Mac App Store version? If so, that is being reviewed by Apple as we speak and should be available very shortly. If you have the Mac version downloaded from http://www.globible.com and still havent been prompted for an update, please let us know.

  15. Julianna says:

    Wow, I certainly am happy to know its not just me having all these issues.

    I downloaded the free version and enjoyed what it promised to offer so I bought the Premium. I cannot tell if I did in fact get a download of the Premium version, I have received from iTunes that my card was charged. Shouldn’t the icon show \premium?\ To let me know it was updated?

    and what about the DVD ’s it says you receive with the pkg for PC’s?

    also there is no update for me when going into iTunes like so many others have mentioned. I have gone to support a couple times with no response and see that many here don’t look to have received one either.

    What,where and how is the support ticket Peter mentions if I am requested to do that?

    I sure would like some help/answers for these issues.

    Thank you in advance for your quick response to all my questions

    • Peter says:

      Julianna – sorry for the confusion.

      The icon does not change. In the left menu, it will say if you are running Glo Premium (at the bottom). You should be able to see all Premium translations and media as you use Glo.

      If you have purchased an in-app upgrade, there are no DVDs. If you want DVDs and are in the US, DVD’s are available for purchase in the Glo Store: http://www.globible.com/store

      If you have further questions or issues, please submit a ticket and give us some more details about your situation: http://bit.ly/glosupport

  16. Sue Shaffer says:

    I too am very disappointed. The tech service is poor. I have uninstalled and tried to reinstall as the canned tech email to all suggested but am not able to reinstall. I can’t get any help with this matter. What a poor response to consumers….no tech phone number to call.

  17. Mike says:

    I have glo premium 1.33 on the mac version and it will not update… error in reading the xml file when I press check for update…

  18. Aaron says:

    Please see my couple comments above. I have really not had much luck with support so I am not even sure I want to send a ticket in. Please advise on how to update and perhaps review the old tickets I have. Would love answer to them as well.

    Thank you

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  20. Terence says:

    Glo support is terrible. I just wanted to deactivate some devices as I just bought a new laptop and wish to migrate my account over. It’s been almost 2 weeks and my ticket has not been resolved. I have tried to deactivate my devices in the past. Very slow response as well. Not sure where else to turn to except the blog comments. Please help. Thanks.