March 26th, 2011

Glo for iPad is LIVE on the iTunes store!


The Glo Bible app is now LIVE iTunes US and Canada store!  We decided to launch on Saturday so you can use it on church this Sunday!

Download, rate, enjoy!

Glo for iPad in the App Store


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13 Responses to “Glo for iPad is LIVE on the iTunes store!”

  1. Dick T says:

    So now I’ve downloaded Glo Bible for iPad and paid $49.98 for the Premium Upgrade. I assume I’ll be able to download the Mac version on March 28. Now the question is: how do I get the Mac disks to install all the media offline? Surely I don’t have to pay $89.99 or whatever just to get the disks?
    How much and when?
    PS Love the iPad app.

    • Peter says:

      Hey Dick – yes you are correct. You can download Mac on March 28, and login using your Glo account to get your Premium features and content on your Mac. We are working on a solution to sell discs only, and it will be ready in the coming weeks. It will be a low-cost disc pack only for existing Glo Premium users only. We’ll keep you posted!

      Thanks for using Glo!

  2. Kyle says:

    Will Glo be appearing on the Mac App store when it’s released? (ie. no discs, purely digital download only)

    And when is Glo for iOS coming to the Australian/New Zealand App stores?!

  3. Bill says:

    So exciting- any idea when it will be available in the UK itunes store?

  4. Bear says:

    First off, great job! So glad to see this and it’s a great app.

    A couple questions:
    1. Does using my account from buying the PC version give me access to the “Glo Premium”? If not, how is that done (I don’t see any account or upgrade ui in the app)?
    2. What content items require internet connection (e.g., video)?
    3. Will bookmarks, etc. sync btwn installations? Mac, PC, iPad

    A couple recommendations:
    1. Optionally larger nav buttons (top left) – when navigating a lot, the scrolling is great (e.g., text, media in bottom right), but then the back button is comparatively small.
    2. Media text scrolling – some bottom-right media has text longer than the space, vertical scrolling wd be great.

    Once again, GREAT app! Great job and God bless!

    • Peter says:

      Thanks for the input! Answers – yes, using your account from the PC version gives you access to all Glo content on your iPad. You should see a login screen when you first launch. All media requires internet connection. All translations are downloaded directly to your device. Once media is downloaded it gets cached for next time. On syncing – we are finalizing the syncing framework now. On monday, syncing will begin working between Mac and PC (or any combination of those). iOS is in development still ,and will be coming online soon.

      Thanks also for your ideas and input. I want to encourage you to post any suggestions to our community forum so people can add their comments and vote on them

  5. An app idea / request: Is it possible today and I do not know how? Or in the future, that when I switch Bibles is stays at the same verse. Today if I were sitting at John3:16 in the NIV and switch over to see how it is stated in KJV it defaults back to the beginning of John 3. I would love for it stay at 3:16. Or let me open two translation split on a page. Onside for instance ASV and the other KJV instance to be able see the differences.

    Or take it one step further let me select the text and select what translations I would to compare the verses in.

    Just ideas, thanks for much for a great app, I used it today in church and loved it.

    • Peter says:

      Good suggestions, Brett. I encourage you to post suggestions in our community forum so people can add their comments and vote on them. Thanks!

    • Bear says:

      I noticed this too – various changes make it jump back to the first verse of the chapter.

      I also used it in church this weekend. Unfortunately, the internet connection was down but it was good for taking notes, etc.

  6. Ernest says:

    When will it be available to other countries?

  7. HI
    I bought Glo Bible for my iPad2 and bought the $49.00 upgrade. Is this an online bible or did the data get downloaded onto my ipad or iMac? Can my wife also load this onto her computer and iPad or must she buy the full meal deal again?

  8. Maria Hernandez says:

    I purchased 2 glo bibles already how do i download it to my iPad? I do not want to pay again. Please help I love Glo already went to itunes and downloaded that apps. but wants me to pay again 49.00. I already paid for 2 for my computer.