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February 3rd, 2010

Retaining Your Glo Data and Settings When Re-formatting

Glo stores your journal data, bookmarks, notes, reading plans, user tags and personal settings in a variety of formats (XML, binary, etc), but in a single location. To retain that data through a reformat or reinstall, you just need to save that folder somewhere, like onto a memory stick, before reformatting or uninstalling. After your machine is set up again, before running Glo, put the folder back where Glo can find it.

Find the folder here on Vista or Windows 7:

C:\Users\[current user]\AppData\Local\glo\

Find it here on XP:

C:\Documents and Settings\[current user]\Local Settings\Application Data\glo\

Of course, substitute ‘[current user]‘ for your own user account name.

This ‘glo’ folder contains a few sub-folders and loose files. Save the ‘glo’ folder onto a USB stick or wherever is convenient to archive it. After reformatting and reinstalling, drop the folder back where it was, or in whichever path the new [current user] is using.