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October 22nd, 2010

Immersion Digital Celebrates a Year of Glo, Announces New Tools and Translations


(Orlando, FL) October 22, 2010 –Released one year ago, the Glo Bible has garnered a prestigious award and a rapidly growing following. Now the product has been refined to make it easier for pastors to use Glo in sermons, classes or Bible studies.

Scheduled for release later this month is a new tool that will allow users to organize notes and create simple presentations by dragging and dropping notes, media or scriptures from Glo to automatically create slides. “Presentations will make it easy for people to share what they’re learning with Glo,” says Chip Brown, senior vice president of Bible publishing for Zondervan.

Also releasing later this month is an update that includes the English Standard Version (ESV) and the Message, each linked by verse to high-definition media.

The update includes an additional installation option, which gives users the option to stream the complete library of high-resolution media, or choose to install on their computer. The updates will be free to existing Glo users, and are included in all new purchases.

Looking Ahead

“It has been an exciting and busy first year, and we continue to push on towards what’s next” says Glo co-creator Nelson Saba. “The vision we have for Glo will become realized more fully as we support multiple devices, become cloud-based and extend our global footprint.”

In the spring, Mac, iPhone and iPad versions of the Glo Bible are scheduled to release along with cloud-based technology that will allow Glo to function across multiple platforms – Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad – while the user’s notes and reading plan will be synced from wherever they access Glo.

This fall, in preparation for the Mac launch, an exclusive Glo Mac Beta program will kick off, which will prepare the product for the market and give users a sneak peek of the full release. Interested Mac users can sign up for the beta program by visiting

Prestigious Award

Released through Zondervan, the Glo Bible captured the 2010 Evangelical Christian Publishers Association (ECPA) Bible of the Year award – the first time a digital product received the honor. Nelson and co-creator Phil Chen combined more than 12 years of expertise in interactive media to create a Bible product that would revolutionize how the Bible is experienced. Glo is now available in English and Portuguese. A Mandarin version is scheduled for release in early 2011.

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