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Phil Chen

Phil Chen

Phil spent the past decade in mobile and digital media. In 2006, he was VP of Product for the Alex eReader which was later sold to Barnes & Noble that became the inaugural Nook. He then founded Information Humanities in 2007 that published the award winning immersive Glo Bible. Prior to his corporate endeavors, Phil built schools and orphanages in the stans” particularly Tajikistan and Afghanistan where he came up with his ebook education idea for the Alex eReader. Phil holds a B.A and B.S in Mathematics and Physics from UCSD, an M.Div on Postmodern Philosophy from Fuller Seminary. His passion and curiosity for nature also led him to work as an astrophysicist at the Center for Astrophysics & Space Sciences at UCSD (2003) and as a research assistant at SLAC (Stanford Linear Accelerator Center in 2004). In 2008, he joined HTC as head of business and corporate development, leading partnerships in the Silicon Valley and Hollywood including investments in KKBox, SoundHound, Magnet, and the acquisition of Beats by Dre. In 2013, he serendipitously discovered VR at HTC and sourced the Valve relationship that became the Vive. Most recently, he founded the first VR/AR fund Presence Capital and joined Horizons Ventures as Advisor investing in VR/AR, AI, and Space Ventures. He serves on the board of several companies including Improbable in London, Soul Machines in New Zealand, and Eyeway in Israel, an advisor to the Vive in Taiwan and Lytro in Silicon Valley and an angel investor in companies like Lifebeam, Deep Optics, and Space Pharma. He is a proud and happy father of Miles, Naomi and Olive.

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